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Public Partnerships LLC Georgia DBHDD NOW COMP Waiver Programs 5660 New Northside Drive Suite 450 Atlanta Georgia 30328 Toll Free Numbers Phone 1-866-836-6792 TTY System 1-800-360-5899 Administrative Fax 1-866-461-0195 Employment Packet Introduction to PPL Information for Employees Dear Employee Welcome aboard You have received this packet because a Participant who receives support through the Georgia DBHDD Waiver Programs is interested in hiring you. Financial Support Services Provider FSS...
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Welcome to Mom's and motions guide to filling out a higher packet if you're having trouble with the quality of the video hit the change quality icon and select the highest possible quality in this video will show you how to fill out a totally blank hire packet if you'd like to learn how to start your ppl hire packet with the attendant application request form or online please see the video starting your hire packet with the attendant application request form or on the ppl web portal let's begin with some terms to know a few terms will be using in this video are one provider the provider is the person providing the attendant care to the consumer so the aid would be the provider the consumer is the person consuming services and being attended by the provider or the aide so the person consuming waiver services is the consumer the ELR or the employer of record is the employer this could be the primary caregiver of the consumer who is under the age of 18 or over the age of 18 but not oriented in person place or time the eor could be the consumer if the consumer is over the age of 18 and oriented now that you're familiar with these terms let's start filling out the blank hire packet the attendant should read over page one for the purpose of this video we'll skip on to page two to begin filling out the hire packet this is the employment eligibility verification form section 1 should be completed by the aid the aid will also complete this section here is where the aide will sign as said here the preparer and/or translator certification should only be completed if section one was prepared by a person other than the employee it's not necessary in most cases let's move on to page three of the hire packet section 2 of the i9 will be completed by the eor and the employee we found it's easiest to enter List B and C but you do have the option of entering list A or B and C I would just read these directions up here and decide what would be easiest for you the eor will fill out list be with the driver's license information of the attendant the issuing authority is the state of Virginia unless your attendant is from another state of course document number would be the driver's license number and you'll enter the expiration date if applicable list c will also be completed by the employer record will enter the attendant social security card information so the document title is social security card the issuing authority is the Social Security Administration the document number is the social security number of the attendant and the expiration date will be here if applicable that's all we need to fill out in that above section now we'll go down to the certification the employees first date of employment now that could be today's date that could be tomorrow that's really up to you i'm going to put today's date because Susie will be starting today the employer record signs here the title is the employer of record the employers business or organization name is the...